Reinforcement Learning Onramp


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유익한 비디오 튜토리얼


자동 평가 및 피드백 방식의 실습형 예제


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교육과정 목차


Overview of Reinforcement Learning

Familiarize yourself with reinforcement learning concepts and the course.

  • What is reinforcement learning?
  • Course overview
  • Simulating with a pretrained agent


Defining the Environment

Define how an agent interacts with an environment model.

  • Components of a reinforcement learning model
  • Defining an environment interface
  • Rewards and training
  • Including actions in the reward
  • Connecting a Simulink environment to a MATLAB agent


Defining Agents

Create representations of reinforcement learning agents.

  • Critics and Q values
  • Representing critics for continuous problems
  • Creating neural networks
  • Actors and critics
  • Summary of agents


Training Agents

Use simulation episodes to train an agent.

  • Training
  • Improving training

관련 교육과정

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