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Control and Instrumentation

Interactive signal and parameter instrumentation with Simulink® Real-Time™ Explorer and MATLAB® language, signal monitoring, tracing, and logging, parameter tuning

To evaluate the behavior of the real-time application, you can add instrumentation to the model, tune parameters, and display results. Instrumentation includes real-time scopes and graphical instruments. You can instrument real-time applications from the Simulink Real-Time model, with MATLAB language, or at the target computer command line.

Tune scalar, vector, or matrix parameters and view signal values as numbers or as timestamped traces with Simulink Real-Time scopes. To identify parameters to tune or signals to observe, navigate the model hierarchy or create parameter and signal groups.

Design and run graphical instrument panels containing graphical instruments. When you run an instrument panel, it interacts continuously with the real-time application and updates the associated parameters and signals.