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Build DMG PPDUs by using the waveform generator function.

Waveform Generator

Create an DMG configuration object.

dmg = wlanDMGConfig
dmg = 
  wlanDMGConfig with properties:

                        MCS: '0'
             TrainingLength: 0
                 PSDULength: 1000
    ScramblerInitialization: 2
                 Turnaround: 0

Generate the DMG PPDU. The length of the input data sequence in bits must be 8 times the length of the PSDU, which is expressed in bytes. Turn off windowing.

psdu = randi([0 1],dmg.PSDULength*8,1);
tx = wlanWaveformGenerator(psdu,dmg,'WindowTransitionTime',0);

The waveform has MCS=0, which is single carrier and DBPSK modulated. Plot the constellation of the waveform.


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