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Return DMG PHY modulation type


type = phyType(cfg)


type = phyType(cfg) returns the DMG physical layer (PHY) modulation type, based on the configuration of the DMG object.

Input Arguments

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DMG PPDU configuration, specified as a wlanDMGConfig object.

Output Arguments

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DMG PHY modulation type, specified as 'Control', 'SC', or 'OFDM'.


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Create DMG configuration objects and change the default property settings by using dot notation. Use the phyType object function to access the DMG PHY modulation type.

Create a DMG configuration object and return the DMG PHY modulation type. By default, the configuration object creates properties to model the DMG control PHY.

dmg = wlanDMGConfig;
ans = 

Model the SC PHY by modifying the defaults by using the dot notation to specify an MCS of 5.

dmg.MCS = 5;
ans = 

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Introduced in R2017b