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Read data from pixelLabelImageDatastore


data = read(pximds)
[data,info] = read(pximds)


data = read(pximds) returns a batch of data from a pixel label image datastore, pximds. Subsequent calls to the read function continue reading from the endpoint of the previous call.

[data,info] = read(pximds) also returns information about the extracted data, including metadata, in info.

Input Arguments

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Pixel label image datastore, specified as a pixelLabelImageDatastore object. The datastore specifies a MiniBatchSize number of observations in each batch, and a numObservations total number of observations.

Output Arguments

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Output data, returned as a table with MiniBatchSize number of rows.

For the last batch of data in the datastore pximds, if numObservations is not cleanly divisible by MiniBatchSize, then read returns a partial batch containing all the remaining observations in the datastore.

Information about read data, returned as a structure array. The structure array can contain the following fields.

Field NameDescription
FilenameFilename is a fully resolved path containing the path string, name of the file, and file extension.

Total file size, in bytes. For MAT-files, FileSize is the total number of key-value pairs in the file.

Introduced in R2018a