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Guidance, Navigation, and Control

Guidance models and navigation, control commands, and waypoint following algorithms

Simulate fixed-wing and multirotor guidance models with control and environmental inputs. Fly predefined missions using navigation algorithms.


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fixedwingGuidance model for fixed-wing UAVs
multirotorGuidance model for multirotor UAVs
controlControl commands for UAV
derivativeTime derivative of UAV states
environmentEnvironmental inputs for UAV
stateUAV state vector
uavPathManagerCompute and execute a UAV autonomous mission (Since R2020b)
uavWaypointFollowerFollow waypoints for UAV
uavOrbitFollowerOrbit location of interest using a UAV


Path ManagerCompute and execute a UAV autonomous mission (Since R2020b)
Orbit FollowerOrbit location of interest using UAV
Waypoint FollowerFollow waypoints for UAV
UAV Guidance ModelReduced-order model for UAV
UAV AnimationAnimate UAV flight path using translations and rotations
Fixed-Wing UAV Point MassIntegrate fourth- or sixth-order point mass equations of motion in coordinated flight (Since R2021a)


VTOL Controller Template