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Trading Technologies

Access market data and submit orders through Trading Technologies® X_TRADER®

For a simple example about order creation using X_TRADER, see Create an Order Using X_TRADER. For information about using X_TRADER functions, see the Workflows for Trading Technologies X_TRADER.


xtrdrCreate X_TRADER connection
createNotifierCreate instrument notifier for X_TRADER
createInstrumentCreate instrument for X_TRADER
createOrderSetCreate order set for X_TRADER
createOrderProfileCreate order profile for X_TRADER
getDataObtain current X_TRADER data
closeClose X_TRADER connection


Workflows for Trading Technologies X_TRADER

Monitor market price information, and manually and automatically submit orders.

Listen for X_TRADER Price Updates

This example shows how to connect to X_TRADER and listen for price update event data.

Listen for X_TRADER Price Market Depth Updates

This example shows how to connect to X_TRADER and turn on event handling for level-two market data (for example, bid and ask orders in the market for an instrument) and then create a figure window to display the depth data.

Submit X_TRADER Orders

This example shows how to connect to X_TRADER and submit orders.