Hardware independent time unit

MuPAD® notebooks will be removed in a future release. Use MATLAB® live scripts instead.

MATLAB live scripts support most MuPAD functionality, though there are some differences. For more information, see Convert MuPAD Notebooks to MATLAB Live Scripts.




prog::ntime() returns a time unit that represents roughly the speed of the current machine for typical library programs.

prog::ntime can be used to perform timing tests of typical MuPAD® library programs on different machines.

prog::ntime uses a mix of different operations to calculate the time factor.

One call to prog::ntime takes about 1.5 seconds.

A real timing value must be divided by the value of prog::ntime, to get a machine independent timing value.


Example 1

On this machine, a timing must be divided by the value of prog::ntime, then the timing is comparable with the timing of the same code on another machine, also divided by the value of prog::ntime on the other machine:


Return Values

Floating point number

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