Least common multiple of integers

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ilcm(i1, i2, …)


ilcm(i1, i2, ...) computes the least common multiple of the integers i1, i2, …

ilcm computes the least common nonnegative multiple of a sequence of integers. ilcm with a single numeric argument returns its absolute value. ilcm returns 1 when all arguments are 1 or -1 or no argument is given.

ilcm returns an error message when one of the arguments is a number but not an integer. If at least one of the arguments is 0, then ilcm returns 0. Otherwise, if one argument is not a number, then a symbolic ilcm call is returned.


Example 1

We compute the least common multiple of some integers:

ilcm(-10, 6), ilcm(6, 10, 15)

a := 4420, 128, 8984, 488:
ilcm(a), ilcm(a, 64)

The next example shows some special cases:

ilcm(), ilcm(0), ilcm(1), ilcm(-1), ilcm(2)

If one argument is not a number, then the result is a symbolic ilcm call, except in some special cases:

delete x:
ilcm(a, x), ilcm(0, x)

type(ilcm(a, x))


i1i2, …

arithmetical expressions representing integers

Return Values

Nonnegative integer, or a symbolic ilcm call.

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