break, _break

Terminate a loop or a Case switch prematurely

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break terminates for, repeat, while loops, and case statements.

The break statement is equivalent to the function call _break(). The return value is the void object of type DOM_NULL.

Inside for, repeat, while, and case statements, the break statement exits from the loop/switch. Execution proceeds with the next statement after the end clause of the loop/switch.

In nested loops, only the innermost loop is terminated by break.

break also terminates a statement sequence _stmtseq(..., break, ...).

Outside for, repeat, while, case, and _stmtseq, the break statement has no effect.


Example 1

Loops are exited prematurely by break:

for i from 1 to 10 do
  if i = 2 then break end_if

delete i:

Example 2

In a case statement, all commands starting with the first matching branch are executed:

x := 2:
case x
 of 1 do print(1); x^2;
 of 2 do print(2); x^2;
 of 3 do print(3); x^2;
 otherwise print(UNKNOWN)

In the next version, break ensures that only the statements in the matching branch are evaluated:

case x
 of 1 do print(1); x^2; break;
 of 2 do print(2); x^2; break;
 of 3 do print(3); x^2; break;
 otherwise print(UNKNOWN)

delete x:

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