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Installation and Setup

Install the support package, update firmware, configure hardware connection

Before you can implement the features in this support package, you must establish communication between the host computer and the USRP® radio. Follow the steps outlined in Guided USRP Radio Support Package Hardware Setup.


sdruloadLoad FPGA and firmware images for USRP® radio


Install Communications Toolbox Support Package for USRP Radio

How to install the Communications Toolbox™ Support Package for USRP® Radio.

USRP® Radio Firmware Update

Updating the USRP® Radio Firmware.

Uninstall Support Packages

Use Add-On Manager to uninstall the support package.

What to Do After Installation

Area to explore and experiment after installation of the Communications Toolbox Support Package for USRP Radio.


Common Problems and Fixes

Describes the most common errors encountered with Communications Toolbox Support Package for USRP Radio and how to fix them.