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Hardware-Software Co-Design

Deploy hardware and software implementations of SDR algorithms on USRP® embedded series radio hardware

With the Communications Toolbox™ Support Package for USRP® Embedded Series Radio, you can design an SDR algorithm in Simulink®, and then prototype your design on the USRP® embedded series radio. You can either deploy a hardware-software (HW/SW) co-design implementation partitioned between the ARM® processor and the FPGA fabric of the underlying Zynq® system on chip (SoC), or prototype the design targeting the FPGA fabric only. The workflow is available in Simulink only.


sdrdevCreate radio object for interfacing with USRP® embedded series radio hardware


E310 Receiver Receive data from USRP® E310 or USRP® E312 radio hardware
E310 TransmitterSend data to USRP® E310 or USRP® E312 radio hardware


Hardware-Software Co-Design Overview

Learn the basics of the hardware-software co-design feature in this support package and its software requirements.

Installation for Hardware-Software Co-Design

Install and configure additional support packages and third-party tools required by hardware-software co-design workflow.

Hardware-Software Co-Design Workflow

Deploy partitioned hardware-software co-design implementations for SDR algorithms.

Guidelines for Configuring the Software Interface Model

Configure your model for continuous and packet-based transmission and reception.

System Timing

Explore ARM processor scheduler options for the software interface model.

FPGA Targeting Workflow

Prototype SDR algorithms on the FPGA fabric only.


Troubleshooting Hardware-Software Co-Design

Resolve issues encountered while using the hardware-software co-design workflow.

Featured Examples