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C28x / ARM Cortex-M3 - Build options

Use the build options to specify how the build process should take place during code generation.

Build action

The option to specify if you want only ‘build’ or ‘build, load, and run’ action during the build process. The build, load and run option is supported only for TI Code Composer Studio™ v5 (C2000), v6 (C2000), and v5(ARM)/v6(ARM) tool chain.

If you select build, load, and run option, you must provide the required CCS hardware configuration file.

Device name

The option to select a particular device from the selected processor family in the Target hardware parameter on the Code Generation pane.

Boot From Flash (stand alone execution)

The option to specify if the application has to load to the flash. If you do not select this option, the application loads to the RAM.

Use custom linker command file

The option to indicate that the custom linker command file must be used during the build action. Select this option, if you have your own custom linker file, which you can specify in Linker command file parameter. If you do not select this option, based on the device you have selected, a default custom linker command file will be used.

Linker command file

The path to memory description file that is required during linking. For each family of TI processor selected under ‘Target Hardware’, one linker command file will be selected automatically.

For different variant of processor, you can select from the ‘src’ folder inside the Support Package installation path. You can also create custom linker command file and select the file path using Browse.

CCS hardware configuration file

The Code Composer Studio file required for downloading the application on the hardware. Select one of the .ccxml files from the folder ‘CCS_Config’ folder under Support Package installation folder.

Instead, you can also create your own .ccxml file.

Select the file you created using Browse.

The .ccxml files provided with the support package are as follows:

  • f28M35x.ccxml – Texas Instruments XDS100v2 USB Emulator_0

  • f28M36x.ccxml – Texas Instruments XDS100v2 USB Emulator_0