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Optimization — C28x DMC (c28xdmclib)

Blocks that represent the functionality of the TI C28x™ DMC Library

For all C2000 boards, support includes C28x DMC Library blocks.


C2000 Clarke TransformationConvert balanced three-phase quantities to balanced two-phase quadrature quantities
C2000 Inverse Park TransformationConvert rotating reference frame vectors to two-phase stationary reference frame
C2000 Park TransformationConvert two-phase stationary system vectors to rotating system vectors
C2000 PID ControllerDigital PID controller
C2000 Ramp ControlCreate ramp-up and ramp-down function
C2000 Ramp GeneratorGenerate ramp output
C2000 Space Vector GeneratorDuty ratios for stator reference voltage
C2000 Speed MeasurementCalculate motor speed