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F2838x-M4 UART Transmit

Send serial data to the Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter (UART) port

  • Library:
  • Embedded Coder Support Package for Texas Instruments C2000 Processors / F2838x / M4

  • F2838x-M4 UART Transmit block


Send serial data through the Universal asynchronous Receiver/ Transmitter (UART) port. You can specify ASCII characters for packaging your data with the additional package header and terminator.



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The port sends the data to the UART port.


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Specify the additional package header to use as the prefix before the data packet to synchronize the data packets.

Specify the additional package terminator to use as the suffix after the data packet to synchronize the data packets.

Enabling this option ensures that the FIFO buffer is checked for data availability before sending the data.

Version History

Introduced in R2020a