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Run on Target Hardware

Run model on target hardware, such as Raspberry Pi™ and BeagleBone Black boards

After you design your RTL-SDR model, you can generate an executable file for validation and testing on the target hardware. You can run this file in external mode or as a standalone application on the external hardware.

For successful execution of your SDR model with RTL-SDR hardware and the target hardware, you must have this software installed:

  • Communications Toolbox™ Support Package for RTL-SDR Radio (for all targeted hardware)

  • Simulink® Support Package for Raspberry Pi Hardware (for Raspberry Pi hardware)

  • Embedded Coder® Support Package for BeagleBone® Black Hardware (for BeagleBone Black hardware)

See the documentation for each support package for hardware requirements and any additional software requirements.


This feature is supported for Simulink only.


Run Model in External Mode

Use Simulink external mode to connect your Simulink block diagram to your application that runs the model on the target hardware.

Run Model as Standalone Application

You can prepare, configure, and run a model on your target hardware.

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