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Run on Target Hardware

Run model on target hardware



Troubleshooting Raspberry Pi.

Signal Monitoring and Parameter Tuning

Overview of the operation of external with attached hardware boards.

Communicate with Hardware in Normal Mode Simulation Using Connected I/O

Get peripheral data from the hardware before deploying the Simulink model on the hardware.

Support I2C Communication

Support I2C Communication.

Support SPI Communication

Enable communication with other SPI devices by using the SPI Master Transfer block from the support package library.

Asynchronous Serial Communication

Asynchronous serial communication.

Create a Project Folder

Create a folder for the device driver System object, C/C++ code, and other build artifacts.

Write the Hardware Specific C/C++ Code

Write the device specific C/C++ code used inside the System Object.

Additional Capabilities with Simulink Coder and Embedded Coder

Include additional capabilities for code generation.

Examples and How To

Run Simulink Model on Raspberry Pi Hardware

Run a Simulink® model on Raspberry Pi™ hardware.

Stop or Restart a Model Running on Raspberry Pi Hardware

Stop or restart a model running on Raspberry Pi hardware.

Tune and Monitor Model Running on Hardware

Use your host computer to monitor and control an application running on the target hardware.

Publish or Retrieve Data to Internet of Things Using ThingSpeak

Publish Data to Internet of Things using ThingSpeak.

Automatically Run Simulink Model on Raspberry Pi After Restart

Automatically start a Simulink model deployed on Raspberry Pi hardware every time you restart the hardware.

Implement Connected I/O to Communicate with External Peripheral Devices Using Raspberry Pi

This workflow shows how to implement connected I/O in Normal mode of simulation using Raspberry Pi hardware.


Raspberry Pi Resource Monitor AppMonitor and manage Raspberry Pi resources such as MATLAB/Simulink deployed processes, CPU, RAM, SD card, external peripheral devices, and interfaces


Detect and Fix Task Overruns on Raspberry Pi Hardware

Understand and fix overruns on Raspberry Pi hardware.

Shut Down Raspberry Pi Hardware

Shut down Raspberry Pi hardware.

Fix Errors Caused by Configuration Parameters

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