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Illuminate built-in LED


Use this block to illuminate one of the user-controllable LEDs on the target hardware. The block input takes a boolean value:

  • 0 turns the LED off.

  • 1 turns the LED on.

To configure this block, use the Block parameter to identify your target hardware. Then, click View LED location to see a diagram of the user-controllable LEDs on your target hardware. Then, use the LED parameter to select a specific LED.

  • LED block



Select the specific board you are using. You can find this information on the target hardware, product packaging, or product documentation.

Changing Board updates the LED choices.


After selecting the Board, select the LED. Do not use the same LED in multiple blocks within a model.

To see the locations of the LED on the target hardware, click the View LED location button. You can print the LED Locations diagram for reference.