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Clear the data displayed on the LED on BBC micro:bit





clearLED(microbitObj) clears the data displayed on the LED matrix on the BBC micro:bit, specified as a microbit object.


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Autodetect and connect to a BBC micro:bit board.

microbitObj = microbit
microbitObj = 
  microbit with properties:

                  Port: "COM4"
  AvailableDigitalPins: ["P0-P16"]
      AvailablePWMPins: ["P0-P10", "P12-P16"]
   AvailableAnalogPins: ["P0-P4", "P10"] 
    AvailableI2CBusIDs: 1
    AvailableSPIBusIDs: 1
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Display the Happy Face image on the LED matrix.

writeLED(microbitObj, MicrobitImages.HappyFace)

Clear the image on the LED matrix.


Input Arguments

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BBC micro:bit hardware connection, specified as a microbit object created with the microbit function.

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Introduced in R2017b