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Read and Write Data

Interact with the LCD, status light, speaker, and buttons on the EV3 brick


legoev3Connection to LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 brick


writeLCDWrite characters to LCD on EV3 brick
clearLCDClear characters from LCD on EV3 brick
playTonePlay tones from speaker on EV3 brick
beepPlay beep from speaker on EV3 brick
readButtonRead whether button on EV3 brick is being pressed
writeStatusLightControl color and mode of status light on EV3 brick



EV3 Brick Hardware

EV3 Brick Hardware

Connections to EV3 Hardware

Connection layers between MATLAB® and LEGO®MINDSTORMS® EV3 hardware


Cannot Connect to the EV3 Brick

Troubleshoot connecting the LEGOMINDSTORMS EV3 Brick to MATLAB

Featured Examples