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Setup and Configuration

Install hardware support, configure hardware connection

The MATLAB® Support Package for Apple iOS Sensors enables you to collect sensor data from your mobile iOS device and log it in MATLAB. You can then process the sensor data in MATLAB in a variety of ways, including creating plots. You can collect data from the following sensors: Acceleration, Angular Velocity, Orientation, Magnetic Field, and Position.

In order to collect sensor data, you need to install MATLAB Mobile™ on your device, use MATLAB Connector™, and create a mobiledev object. For information about these steps, see Get Started with iOS Sensors.

Before you can acquire sensor data from the iOS Sensors screen in MATLAB Mobile on your device, you need to set up MATLAB on your computer to communicate with MATLAB Mobile. The steps to connect your computer and the iOS device are outlined in Set Up and Connect to Apple iOS Device.


Get Started with iOS Sensors

Follow these steps to get started sending sensor data.

Set Up and Connect to Apple iOS Device

You can use MATLAB on a computer or on the MathWorks Cloud. The following sections outline the connection procedure for each scenario.

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