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Prepare model for hardware connection, add blocks to support hardware protocols


ALSA Audio CaptureCapture audio from sound card using ALSA
ALSA Audio PlaybackSend audio to sound card for playback using ALSA
Analog InputMeasure voltage of analog input pin
GPIO ReadRead logical value of GPIO pin configured as input
GPIO WriteWrite logical value of GPIO pin configured as output
LEDIlluminate built-in LED
PWMVary power output of digital output pin
SDL Video DisplayDisplay video using SDL
ThingSpeak WritePublish data to Internet of Things using ThingSpeak
UDP ReceiveReceive UDP packet
UDP SendSend UDP message
V4L2 Video CaptureCapture video from USB camera using V4L2


Model Configuration Parameters for BeagleBone Black Hardware Board

Parameter and configuration options for creating and running applications on an BeagleBone Black hardware board.

Open Block Library for BeagleBone Black Hardware

Locate the block library for BeagleBone Black hardware

Publish Data to Internet of Things Using ThingSpeak

Publish Data to Internet of Things using ThingSpeak


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