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Device Driver Blocks

Create a device driver block to access specific features of your hardware board.

A device driver block is a specialized MATLAB System block that generates custom C/C++ device driver code when deployed to an ARM® Cortex®-A derived hardware board. Device driver blocks provide easy access to hardware board features, such as communication protocols or hardware libraries, not available in the support package.

You can develop a device driver block from a template System object™ and then share the completed blocks with other users.



Learn the system requirements and recommended skills to develop device driver blocks for ARM Cortex-A based hardware boards.

Structure of Device Driver System Object

Understand the concepts and operation of device driver blocks implemented using System object.

Create a Digital Write Block

Create a Digital Write block using a System object.

Create a Digital Read Block

Create a Digital Read block using a System object.

Block Mask

Create block masks for your device driver blocks.

Simulation with Device Driver Blocks

Choose and implement a data simulation mode for device driver blocks.

Sharing Device Driver Blocks with Other Users

Package and distribute your device driver blocks.