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I2C Devices

Read and write to I2C devices connected to Arduino® hardware

Create an Arduino object using arduino before you use I2C functions. See Connect to Arduino Hardware for more information.


deviceConnection to device on I2C or SPI bus on Arduino hardware
scanI2CBusScan I2C bus on Arduino hardware for device address
readRead data from I2C bus
writeWrite data to I2C bus
readRegisterRead data from I2C device register
writeRegisterWrite data to I2C device register
i2cdevConnection to device on Arduino hardware I2C bus


Communicate with an I2C EEPROM Device

Learn how to store and retrieve data from an I2C EEPROM device.

Measure Temperature From I2C Device on Arduino® Hardware

Learn how to measure temperature from an I2C device on your Arduino hardware.

Arduino I2C Interface

Learn how Arduino hardware interfaces with the I2C protocol.