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Prepare model for deployment to hardware, add blocks to support hardware

The Embedded Coder® Support Package for Intel® SoC Devices provides a library of Simulink® blocks and model configurations specific to the Intel SoC devices.


AXI4 ReadRead data from IP core on target hardware through the AXI4-Lite interface
AXI4 WriteWrite data to IP core on the target hardware through AXI4-Lite interface
Linux TaskSpawn task functions as separate Linux threads
UDP ReceiveReceive UDP packet
UDP SendSend UDP message


alterasoclibOpen the Simulink Library Browser to the Embedded Coder Support Package for Intel SoC Devices block library


Getting Started with Embedded Coder Support Package for Intel® SoC Devices

This example shows you how to use Embedded Coder Support Package for Altera® SoC Platform to run a Simulink® model on an Intel SoC FPGA hardware.