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비선형 모델

다중 예측 변수를 사용하는 비선형 회귀


NonLinearModelNonlinear regression model class


fitnlm비선형 회귀 모델 피팅
dispDisplay nonlinear regression model
fevalEvaluate nonlinear regression model prediction
predictPredict response of nonlinear regression model
randomSimulate responses for nonlinear regression model
dummyvarCreate dummy variables
hougenHougen-Watson 모델
partialDependenceCompute partial dependence
plotPartialDependenceCreate partial dependence plot (PDP) and individual conditional expectation (ICE) plots
statsetCreate statistics options structure
statgetAccess values in statistics options structure
nlinfit비선형 회귀
nlintoolInteractive nonlinear regression
nlparciNonlinear regression parameter confidence intervals
nlpredciNonlinear regression prediction confidence intervals

예제 및 방법

Nonlinear Regression Workflow

Import data, fit a nonlinear regression, test its quality, modify it to improve the quality, and make predictions based on the model.

가중 비선형 회귀

이 예제에서는 상수가 아닌 오차 분산을 갖는 데이터에 비선형 회귀 모델을 피팅하는 방법을 보여줍니다.

Pitfalls in Fitting Nonlinear Models by Transforming to Linearity

This example shows pitfalls that can occur when fitting a nonlinear model by transforming to linearity.

비선형 로지스틱 회귀

이 예제에서는 비선형 로지스틱 회귀 모델을 피팅하는 두 가지 방법을 보여줍니다.


Nonlinear Regression

Parametric nonlinear models represent the relationship between a continuous response variable and one or more continuous predictor variables.