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Templates and Guidelines

Guidelines and templates for SoC application models

Create a model for an SoC application by using an existing template or following the SoC model guidelines. SoC Blockset™ model templates in Simulink® provide design patterns and implement best practices for creating an SoC application model. The suggested workflow shows the process to combine hardware user logic, software algorithms, a memory system, and I/O devices to create an SoC application model.


SoC Blockset Model Structure

Top level structure of SoC model.

Use Template to Create SoC Model

Create SoC models using Simulink Project templates.

Create an SoC Project Application

Step by step instructions and guidelines to create a SoC Blockset project and models for an SoC application.

Considerations for Multiple IPs in FPGA Model

When your FPGA model includes more than one block for which you'd like to generate HDL using HDL Coder™, you must use a connector model to connect your blocks.

Custom Hardware Board Configuration

Develop an SoC application model with a custom board configuration.


Build Error for Rapid Accelerator Mode

Unsupported simulation mode in SoC Blockset models and projects.

Featured Examples