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Model Advisor Limitations

When you use the Model Advisor to check systems, these limitations apply:

  • If you rename a system, you must restart the Model Advisor to check that system.

  • In systems that contain a variant subsystem, the Model Advisor checks only the active subsystem.

  • Model Advisor does not analyze commented blocks.

  • Checks do not search in Model blocks or Subsystem blocks with the block parameter Read/Write set to NoReadorWrite. However, on a check-by-check basis, Model Advisor checks do search in library blocks and masked subsystems.

  • Unless specified in the documentation for a check, the Model Advisor, by default, does not analyze the contents of a Model Reference block.

For limitations that apply to specific checks, see the “Capabilities and Limitations” section in the check documentation. For example, for capabilities that apply to the Identify unconnected lines, input ports, and output ports check, see Capabilities and Limitations.

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