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Model Statistics for Component Arrays

If your model contains blocks with underlying arrays of components, the Statistics Viewer includes variables that belong to the array members.

For example, in this model, the Simscape Component block contains an underlying array of resistors.

In the Statistics Viewer, if you select a statistic with a nonzero value, the Sources section lists all the variables that fall under this statistic, including the array member variables. For variables that belong to the array members, the full path to the variable in the Source column contains the numbered name of the array member, such as resistor(1), resistor(2), and so on. If the component array size is 1xN, the members are numbered comp(1), …, comp(N). If the array size is NxM, the members are numbered comp(1,1), comp(1,2), …, comp(NxM).

If you click an array member variable link in the Source column, the parent block containing the component array is highlighted in the block diagram.