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Hydraulic Elements

Hydraulic building blocks, such as orifices, chambers, hydro-mechanical converters

This library contains basic elements and building blocks for hydraulic domain.

Simscape Blocks

Constant Area Hydraulic OrificeHydraulic orifice with constant cross-sectional area
Constant Volume Hydraulic ChamberHydraulic capacity of constant volume
Fluid InertiaPressure differential across tube or channel due to change in fluid velocity
Hydraulic CapHydraulic port terminator with zero flow
Hydraulic Piston ChamberVariable volume hydraulic capacity in cylinders
Hydraulic ReferenceConnection to atmospheric pressure
Hydraulic Resistive TubeHydraulic pipeline which accounts for friction losses only
Infinite Hydraulic ResistanceHydraulic element for setting initial pressure difference between two nodes
Linear Hydraulic ResistanceHydraulic pipeline with linear resistance losses
Rotational Hydro-Mechanical ConverterInterface between hydraulic and mechanical rotational domains
Translational Hydro-Mechanical ConverterInterface between hydraulic and mechanical translational domains
Variable Area Hydraulic OrificeHydraulic variable orifice created by cylindrical spool and sleeve
Variable Hydraulic ChamberHydraulic capacity of variable volume with compressible fluid