SimBiology Desktop Navigation

To open the SimBiology® desktop, enter simbiology at the MATLAB® command prompt or select SimBiology on the Apps tab.

The desktop provides options to help you build models, load data, explore data with plots, and add tasks for model analyses. You can find these options in the toolstrip, content panel, action menu, and address bar.

The toolstrip has the Home and View tabs. Depending on what is open, other context-sensitive tabs appear. The content panel shows the contents of a project, available libraries, and files that are recently open. Click the Content button to open the content panel. The action menu contains additional functionality related to an open panel. For instance, after opening a model, you can rename it or export it as an SBML file using the corresponding options from the action menu. The address bar shows which panel is open. You can use it to see the contents of a project and open them. Click an arrow in the address to open other panels.

When you open data, a model, or a library, the desktop shows the related items in a panel displayed in the workspace. For instance, the next figure shows a model open in the Diagram view. Its graphical representation is displayed in a panel as shown. If there are multiple panels such as other views of the model, each panel opens in its own tab.

In the content panel, Project contains a list of models, tasks, task results, and imported data. To open an item in a project, double-click it. Models, task results, or data are displayed in the workspace when opened. Opening a task displays it in the task editor. Libraries lists available units, unit prefixes, and blocks that you can use while building a model.

Recent Files has a list of files that you recently opened, projects and data from SimBiology examples, and projects from MATLAB Central File Exchange. If you open any model or data file listed in the recent files, the desktop imports the model or data and adds to the currently open project or to a new project.

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