Setting Preferences

Preferences are the desktop settings that apply to all projects. They remain persistent across sessions of MATLAB and the desktop. To access and set preferences, select Preferences on the Home tab.

Desktop display — has options to choose which columns to display for tables shown in the desktop.

Model Building — lets you select which model view to show by default when you open a model. The Diagram view is the default. Other options are Table Overview and Equations view. You can also change the default options related to configuring reactions. For instance, you can change the default kinetic law or disable the option to create parameters automatically. For details about configuring reactions, see View by Expressions.

Indicators — lets you choose whether to show indicators above the blocks or next to a quantity in a table. For details, see Message Indicators and Contextual Icons.

Tasks — has options to choose the layout of the Task Editor and change task settings.

Report Generator — lets you select the output format of the report, type of images, and location of images after you have run the Generate report task.

Search — lets you choose in which model view a search item is displayed when you double-click it from the search results. The diagram view is the default.

History — lets you choose the number of most recently used models, projects, and data files to show when you click Recent Files in the content panel. You can also specify the number of recent searches that show up when you select View Search History from the search drop-down menu.

Confirmation Dialogs — lets you specify whether or not the desktop displays confirmation dialog boxes before some desktop actions. For instance, a warning dialog is displayed by default when you try to delete data from a project.

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