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Referenced Models

Generate code for referenced models

You can generate code for a model reference hierarchy to achieve:

  • Incremental code generation – generate code only if the model has changes since the code was previously generated

  • Incremental loading – load referenced model when used, which speeds up model loading

  • Modular development – develop and maintain referenced model independently from the models that use it

  • Code reuse – generate reusable code from referenced model

To get started on an example on how to generate code for a referenced model, see Generate Code for Model Reference Hierarchy.


Generate Code for Model Reference Hierarchy

Introduces generating code for models referenced with Model blocks.

Set Configuration Parameters for Code Generation of Model Hierarchies

Satisfy model reference hierarchy requirements to enable code generation.

Convert Subsystem to Referenced Model and Generate Code

Use Model Reference Conversion Advisor to convert a Subsystem block to a Model block and generate code for the model reference hierarchy.

Generate Reusable Code from Model Reference Hierarchy

Generate reusable subsystem code from a top model with Model blocks.

Storage Classes for Parameters and Signals Used in Model Blocks

Configure storage classes for parameters and signals to transfer data in model reference hierarchy.

Code Generation Limitations for Model Reference

Model references have limitations including, but not limited to, data logging, state initialization, and S-functions.

Simulink Cache Files for Incremental Code Generation

Share Simulink cache files in team-based development to reduce build time and avoid unnecessary code regeneration.

Specify Instance-Specific Parameter Values for Reusable Referenced Model

When you create a reusable component as a referenced model, configure block parameters to use the same value for instances of the component or a different value for each instance.

Combine Code Generated for Multiple Models

Generate a single executable program from multiple models or multiple copies of the same model.