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ROS Log Files and Transformations

Analyze rosbags, transformation trees, and time series data

ROS topics are stored in log files called rosbags. You can access and filter information from these rosbags in MATLAB®. For an example of working with rosbags, see Work with rosbag Logfiles.

You can access transformations between coordinate systems as ROS topics and use them to transform data in MATLAB. For more information, see Access the tf Transformation Tree in ROS.

The rosrate object helps control the timing of code execution.


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rosbagOpen and parse rosbag log file
readMessagesRead messages from rosbag
rosbagreaderAccess rosbag log file information
rosbagwriterCreate and write logs to rosbag log file
writeWrite logs to rosbag log file
selectSelect subset of messages in rosbag
timeseriesCreate time series object for selected message properties
ros2bagOpen and parse ros2bag log file
readMessagesRead messages from ros2bag object
selectSelect subset of messages in ros2bag
rostimeAccess ROS time functionality
rosrateExecute loop at fixed frequency
rosdurationCreate a ROS duration object
secondsReturns seconds of a time or duration
rostfReceive, send, and apply ROS transformations
rosApplyTransformTransform message entities into target frame
canTransformVerify if transformation is available
transformTransform message entities into target coordinate frame
waitForTransformWait until a transformation is available
getTransformRetrieve transformation between two coordinate frames
sendTransformSend transformation to ROS network


BagSelection Object for storing rosbag selection
TransformStampedCreate transformation message


Read DataPlay back data from log file
Coordinate Transformation ConversionConvert to a specified coordinate transformation representation