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A scene file contains an area created in RoadRunner that contains roads, surfaces, props, and so on. It is the main type of file edited in RoadRunner. Scenes can represent anything from a small area, such as a single intersection, to a large area such as a portion of a city. A scene can contain multiple roads, intersections, road markings, props, terrain sections, and more.

Individual scenes are saved as .rrscene files, typically under the "Scenes" directory of a project. You can create many scenes within the same project, and the scenes can share assets within the project (refer to Project System).

RoadRunner has exactly one scene active at any given time. The name of the current scene is displayed in the Title Bar. If the scene has not yet been saved, it will display "New Scene."

If you have unsaved changes in your current scene, RoadRunner prompts you to save your current scene before starting a new scene, loading an existing scene, or exiting the program.

Create a New Scene

To create a new scene while working in an existing scene, on the Menu Bar, select File > New Scene. Alternatively, press Ctrl+N.

To create a new scene from the Start Page, follow these steps:

  1. Click the "Scenes" tab.

  2. Click the "New Scene" button.

  3. Select a previous project, or click "New Project" to create a new one (refer to Project System).

Open an Existing Scene

To open an existing scene that was recently opened, open it directly from the File > Recent Scenes menu.

Alternatively, if the scene was not recently opened, follow these steps:

  1. Select File > Open Scene on the Menu Bar, or press Ctrl+O.

  2. Navigate to the correct directory, if necessary.

  3. Select the scene file you want to open.

If you choose a scene file from a different project, RoadRunner automatically switches projects accordingly.

You can also open a scene from the Start Page. Follow these steps:

  1. Click the "Scenes" tab.

  2. Select a scene from the "Recent Scenes" list, or click the "Open Scene" button to browse for a scene file.

If the selected scene file is in the "Scenes" directory of a project folder, that project will automatically be loaded. If your scene is saved elsewhere, the scene will store the relative path to the project directory.

If the project cannot be found or loaded, you will have the option of selecting a previous project or browsing for one.

Save the Current Scene Using the Existing Name

Select File > Save Scene on the Main Menu, or press Ctrl+S, to save the current scene using its current name.

Saving a scene will also save any changes you have made to the current project.

Save the Current Scene with a Different Name or in a Different Directory

  1. Select File > Save Scene As on the Main Menu, or press Ctrl+Shift+S to open a file browser that defaults to the "Scenes" directory of the current project.

  2. Navigate to the correct directory, if necessary.

  3. Enter the desired name of the scene.

Saving a scene also saves any changes you have made to the current project.