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Point Cloud Tool

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The Point Cloud Tool manages the import and configuration of lidar point cloud files. RoadRunner can import a variety of point cloud file formats, such as LAS, LAZ, and PCD. Some of these formats support georeferencing and can be automatically positioned accordingly.

Refer to the Point Cloud Assets page for a list of supported formats.

Point clouds often come from lidar scans, typically from an aerial flyover, a static terrestrial scan, or from a moving ground vehicle.

RoadRunner can import multiple point clouds and display them all in the same 3D space, for use as visual reference. The positioning and properties of each point cloud can be adjusted individually using this tool.

PCD Loading

  • For PCD files to load points properly, the file format must have SIZE 4 and TYPE F (float) for coordinate FIELDS of x, y, and z. The data can be ASCII, binary, or compressed.

  • For intensity, the file format must have FIELDS intensity, SIZE 4, and TYPE F.

  • For color, the file format must have FIELDS rgba, SIZE 4, and TYPE U.

Import a Georeferenced Point Cloud

  1. Click the Point Cloud Tool button.

  2. In the Library Browser, navigate to the directory containing the point cloud file you want to import.

  3. Click and drag the asset from the Library Browser into the 3D scene.


If the geographic position has not yet been set for this scene, the scene center is set to the latitudinal and longitudinal center of the image. You can change the scene center using the World Settings Tool.

If the geographic position has already been set, but the imported image is outside of the maximum range of the scene, an error dialog box appears and cancels the import.


Certain newer LAZ files are not supported in RoadRunner. As a workaround, decompress the LAZ files into the LAS format. For instructions, see Decompress LAZ Files.

Remove a Point Cloud from a Scene

  1. Click the Point Cloud Tool button.

  2. Click within the bounding box of the point cloud you want to delete.

  3. Press the Delete key or select Edit > Delete from the Main Menu.

Adjust the Properties of a Point Cloud

  1. Click the Point Cloud Tool button.

  2. Click the point cloud you want to edit. The attributes of the point cloud appear in the Attributes Panel.

  3. Adjust the point cloud attributes as desired through the Attributes Panel.


The attributes of a point cloud are associated with the current scene, not to the point cloud file itself. This means that any modifications to the attributes affects only the point cloud as it appears in the current scene. These modifications do not affect if or how it appears in other scenes.

Toggle the Display of Point Clouds

Select View > Point Clouds on the Main Menu or press the F6 key.