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User Interface

UI components, layout customization, and general aspects of editing

RoadRunner provides a customizable user interface (UI) for designing scenes. Use these topics to learn about the various aspects of the RoadRunner UI.


Start Page

The Start Page is displayed when RoadRunner is launched. It lists recently opened scenes and provides helpful links.

Window Layouts

The RoadRunner UI is organized into panels. You can customize the layout of these panels to meet your preferences.

Title Bar

The Title Bar displays the name of the current scene.

Menu Bar

The Menu Bar provides assorted editing and viewing operations.

Tool Bar

The Tool Bar is used to select the current editing tool.

Sub-Tool Bar

The Sub-Tool Bar is a context-sensitive vertical bar that displays additional operation buttons for the current tool.

3D Edit Window

The 3D Edit Window is the primary mechanism for creating, modifying, and deleting elements in a scene.

2D Edit Window

The 2D Edit Window displays context-sensitive information and provides additional editing capabilities.

Library Browser

The Library Browser is used to browse and create assets in the current project.

Asset Viewer

The Asset Viewer enables you to visualize the currently selected asset in the Library Browser.

Attributes Panel

The Attributes Panel displays information and editable attributes for the currently selected item or items.

Output Panel

The Output Panel prints a log of information, warnings, and errors relating to RoadRunner operations.

Status Bar

The Status Bar displays feedback, error messages, and other information.