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Lane Tools

Create and edit lanes and their properties

Lane tools are used to create and edit lanes and their properties.

Lane Tool buttonLane Width Tool buttonLane Offset Tool buttonLane Add Tool buttonLane Form Tool buttonLane Carve Tool buttonLane Chop Tool buttonLane Split Tool button


Lane Tool

Delete lanes and make changes to lane attributes, such as the lane type and travel direction.

Lane Width Tool

Adjust lane widths at any location along a road.

Lane Offset Tool

Adjust the location of the center lane of a road.

Lane Add Tool

Add a fully formed lane along a road.

Lane Form Tool

Add a forming or ending lane along a road.

Lane Carve Tool

Create a tapering cut in a lane, such as for creating dedicated turn lanes in a median.

Lane Chop Tool

Cut a single lane into two lanes at a desired location.

Lane Split Tool

Split a lane lengthwise into two lanes.