Convert Z-parameters to S-parameters


s_params = z2s(z_params,z0)


s_params = z2s(z_params,z0) converts the impedance parameters z_params into the scattering parameters s_params. The z_params input is a complex N-by-N-by-M array, representing M N-port Z-parameters. z0 is the reference impedance; its default is 50 ohms. s_params is a complex N-by-N-by-M array, representing M n-port S-parameters.


z0 can be a positive real scalar or vector. If z0 is a vector, then the vector must be equal to the number of network parameter data points.


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Define a matrix of Z-parameters.

Z11 = -14567.2412789287 - 148373.315116592i;
Z12 = -14588.1106171651 - 148388.583516562i;
Z21 = -14528.0522132692 - 148350.705757767i;
Z22 = -14548.5996561832 - 148363.457002006i;
z_params = [Z11,Z12; Z21,Z22];

Convert to s-parameters

s_params = z2s(z_params)
s_params = 2×2 complex

   0.0038 + 0.0248i   0.9964 - 0.0254i
   0.9961 - 0.0250i   0.0037 + 0.0249i


You can also use network parameter objects to perform network parameter conversions. For more information, see RF Network Parameter Objects.

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Introduced before R2006a