Export selected matching network objects as circuit or rfckt objects for further analysis



cktout = exportCircuits(mnobj) exports the best matching network as a circuit objects.

cktout = exportCircuits(mnobj,indexlist) exports only matching networks specified in the index list as an array of circuit objects.


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Export a matching network to a circuit object.

matchnet = matchingnetwork
matchnet = 
  matchingnetwork with properties:

       SourceImpedance: 50 Ohms
         LoadImpedance: 50 Ohms
       CenterFrequency: 1 GHz
            Components: 2
               Circuit: [1x2 circuit]
cktout = exportCircuits(matchnet)
cktout = 
  circuit: Circuit element

    ElementNames: {'L'  'L_1'}
        Elements: [1x2 inductor]
           Nodes: [1 2 3]
            Name: 'unnamed'
        NumPorts: 2
       Terminals: {'p1+'  'p2+'  'p1-'  'p2-'}

Input Arguments

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Matching network, specified as a matchingnetwork object.

Data Types: char | string

Index list of matching networks to export as circuits, specified as a scalar or a vector.

Data Types: double

Introduced in R2019a