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Polyspace Bug Finder Access

Identify coding defects and review static analysis results

Polyspace® Bug Finder™ Access™ provides a web browser interface for reviewing static code analysis results. It also provides Polyspace as you Code, a plug-in and analysis engine for performing static code analysis from within an integrated development environment (IDE) such as Visual Studio®, Visual Studio Code, or Eclipse™.

The web browser interface lets you review, assign, and resolve code analysis results produced by Polyspace Bug Finder Server™. The interface provides project dashboards displaying information that you can use to monitor software quality, project status, number of defects, and code metrics such as lines of code, cyclomatic complexity, and recursion. You can also use the web browser interface to create and assign tickets in defect-tracking systems such as Jira and Redmine.

Polyspace as you Code checks compliance with coding rule standards such as MISRA C®, MISRA® C++, JSF++, CERT® C, CERT C++, and custom naming conventions while you code. It enables you to identify critical defects and security vulnerabilities early in development and without leaving your IDE.

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Learn the basics of Polyspace Bug Finder Access

Review Polyspace Bug Finder Results in Web Browser

Review Polyspace Bug Finder Server results on a web browser, add comments and create tickets, upload and open results, generate reports

Run Polyspace as You Code in IDEs and Review Results

Run single-file analysis and review results from your IDE or editor

Install and Manage Polyspace Access Web Server

Install software, manage licenses, configure services

Install and Manage Polyspace as You Code in IDEs

Install analysis engine and IDE extensions, configure runs, analysis options