Calculate dissipated power losses


lossesTable = elec_getPowerLossSummary(node)



lossesTable = elec_getPowerLossSummary(node) calculates dissipated power losses for semiconductor blocks in a model, based on logged simulation data, and returns the data for each block in a table.

Before you call this function, you must have the simulation log variable in your current workspace. Create the simulation log variable by simulating the model with data logging turned on, or load a previously saved variable from a file. If node is the name of the simulation log variable, then the table contains the data for all semiconductor blocks in the model. If node is the name of a node in the simulation data tree, then the table contains the data only for the blocks within that node.

Checking dissipated power is useful for verifying that circuit components are operating within their working envelopes. All blocks in the Semiconductor Devices library, as well as some other blocks, have an internal variable called power_dissipated, which represents the instantaneous power dissipated by the block. When you log simulation data, the time-value series for this variable represents the power dissipated by the block over time. You can view and plot this data using the Simscape™ Results Explorer.

The elec_getPowerLossSummary function calculates average losses for each block that has a power_dissipated variable. Some blocks have more than one power_dissipated variable, depending on their configuration. For example, the N-Channel MOSFET block has separate power_dissipated logging nodes for the MOSFET, the gate resistor, and for the source and drain resistors if they have nonzero resistance values. The function sums all these losses and provides the power loss value for the whole block, averaged over simulation time.


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Open the Solar Power Converter example model.


This example model has data logging enabled. Run the simulation to create the simulation log variable simlog_ee_solar_converter in your current workspace.


Calculate power losses for the MOS1 block.

mosfetLosses = elec_getPowerLossSummary(simlog_ee_solar_converter.MOS1)
mosfetLosses = 

    LoggingNode    Power 
    ___________    ______

    'MOS1'         15.316

The table shows dissipated power losses for the MOS1 block, averaged over the whole simulation time.

Use the sscexplore function to further explore the power loss data for the MOSFET block.


The block has several power_dissipated logging nodes: under drain_resistor, under gate_resistor, under mos, and under source_resistor. The 15.316 value calculated by the elec_getPowerLossSummary function is a sum of all these losses, averaged over the simulation time.

Input Arguments

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Simulation log workspace variable, or a node within this variable, that contains the logged model simulation data, specified as a Node object. You specify the name of the simulation log variable by using the Workspace variable name parameter on the Simscape pane of the Configuration Parameters dialog box. To specify a node within the simulation log variable, provide the complete path to that node through the simulation data tree, starting with the top-level variable name.

Example: simlog.Cell1.MOS1

Output Arguments

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Dissipated power losses for each block, returned as a table. The first column lists logging nodes for all blocks that have at least one power_dissipated variable. The second column lists the corresponding losses in watts.

Compatibility Considerations

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Not recommended starting in R2019a

Introduced in R2015a