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Rh = horizonrange(H)
Rh = horizonrange(H,Re)


Rh = horizonrange(H) returns the horizon range of a radar system H meters above the surface. The computation uses an effective earth radius of approximately 4/3 times the actual earth radius.

Rh = horizonrange(H,Re) specifies the effective earth radius.

Input Arguments


Height of radar system above surface, in meters. This argument can be a scalar or a vector.


Effective earth radius in meters. This argument must be a positive scalar.

Default: effearthradius, which is approximately 4/3 times the actual earth radius

Output Arguments


Horizon range in meters of radar system at altitude H.


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Determine the range to horizon for an antenna that is 30 m high.

Rh = horizonrange(30)
Rh = 2.2553e+04

More About

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Horizon Range

The horizon range of a radar system is the distance from the radar system to the earth along a tangent. Beyond the horizon range, the radar system detects no return from the surface through a direct path.

The value of the horizon range is:


where Re is the effective earth radius and H is the altitude of the radar system.


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