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Phased Array System Toolbox Functions - Alphabetical List

Alphabetical List By Category
aictestDimension of signal subspace
albersheimRequired SNR using Albersheim’s equation
ambgfunAmbiguity and crossambiguity function
aperture2gainConvert effective aperture to gain
az2broadsideConvert azimuth and elevation angle to broadside angle
azel2phithetaConvert angles from azimuth/elevation form to phi/theta form
azel2phithetapatConvert radiation pattern from azimuth-elevation to phi-theta coordinates
azel2uvConvert azimuth/elevation angles to u/v coordinates
azel2uvpatConvert radiation pattern from azimuth/elevation form to u/v form
azelaxesSpherical basis vectors in 3-by-3 matrix form
beat2rangeConvert beat frequency to range
billingsleyicmBillingsley’s intrinsic clutter motion (ICM) model
blakechartRange-angle-height (Blake) chart
broadside2azConvert broadside angle to azimuth angle
bw2rangeConvert bandwidth to range resolution
cart2sphvecConvert vector from Cartesian components to spherical representation
cbfweightsConventional beamformer weights
circpol2polConvert circular component representation of field to linear component representation
dechirpPerform dechirp operation on FMCW signal
delayseqDelay or advance sequence
depressionangDepression angle of surface target
diagbfweightsDiagonalize MIMO channel
dop2speedConvert Doppler shift to speed
dopsteeringvecDoppler steering vector
effearthradiusEffective earth radius
espritdoa Direction of arrival using TLS ESPRIT
fogplRF signal attenuation due to fog and clouds
fsplFree space path loss
gain2apertureConvert gain to effective aperture
gasplRF signal attenuation due to atmospheric gases
gccphatGeneralized cross-correlation
global2localcoordConvert global to local coordinates
grazingangGrazing angle of surface target
horizonrangeHorizon range
lcmvweightsNarrowband linearly constrained minimum variance (LCMV) beamformer weights
local2globalcoordConvert local to global coordinates
mdltestDimension of signal subspace
musicdoaEstimate arrival directions of signals using MUSIC
mvdrweightsMinimum variance distortionless response (MVDR) beamformer weights
noisepowReceiver noise power
npwgnthreshDetection SNR threshold for signal in white Gaussian noise
pambgfunPeriodic ambiguity function
phased.ADPCACancellerAdaptive DPCA (ADPCA) pulse canceller
phased.AlphaBetaFilterAlpha-beta filter for object tracking
phased.AngleDopplerResponseAngle-Doppler response
phased.ArrayGainSensor array gain
phased.ArrayResponseSensor array response
phased.BackscatterRadarTargetBackscatter radar target
phased.BackscatterSonarTargetSonar target backscatter
phased.BarrageJammerBarrage jammer
phased.BeamscanEstimatorBeamscan spatial spectrum estimator for ULA
phased.BeamscanEstimator2D2-D beamscan spatial spectrum estimator
phased.BeamspaceESPRITEstimatorBeamspace ESPRIT direction of arrival (DOA) estimator for ULA
phased.CFARDetectorConstant false alarm rate (CFAR) detector
phased.CFARDetector2DTwo-dimensional CFAR detector
phased.CollectorNarrowband signal collector
phased.ConformalArrayConformal array
phased.ConstantGammaClutterConstant gamma clutter simulation
phased.CosineAntennaElementCosine antenna element
phased.CrossedDipoleAntennaElementCrossed-dipole antenna element
phased.CustomAntennaElementCustom antenna element
phased.CustomMicrophoneElementCustom microphone
phased.DopplerEstimatorDoppler estimation
phased.DPCACancellerDisplaced phase center array (DPCA) pulse canceller
phased.ElementDelaySensor array element delay estimator
phased.ESPRITEstimatorESPRIT direction of arrival (DOA) estimator for ULA
phased.FMCWWaveformFMCW waveform
phased.FreeSpaceFree space environment
phased.FrostBeamformerFrost beamformer
phased.GCCEstimatorWideband direction of arrival estimation
phased.gpu.ConstantGammaClutterSimulate constant-gamma clutter using GPU
phased.GSCBeamformerGeneralized sidelobe canceler beamformer
phased.HeterogeneousConformalArrayHeterogeneous conformal array
phased.HeterogeneousULAHeterogeneous uniform linear array
phased.HeterogeneousURAHeterogeneous uniform rectangular array
phased.IntensityScopeRange-time-intensity (RTI) or Doppler-time-intensity (DTI) display
phased.IsoSpeedUnderwaterPathsIsospeed multipath sonar channel
phased.IsotropicAntennaElementIsotropic antenna element
phased.IsotropicHydrophoneIsotropic hydrophone
phased.IsotropicProjectorIsotropic projector
phased.LCMVBeamformerNarrowband LCMV beamformer
phased.LinearFMWaveformLinear FM pulse waveform
phased.LOSChannelNarrowband LOS propagation channel
phased.MatchedFilterMatched filter
phased.MFSKWaveformMFSK waveform
phased.MonopulseEstimatorAmplitude monopulse direction finding
phased.MonopulseFeedCreates sum and difference channels
phased.MultipathChannelPropagate signals in multipath channel
phased.MUSICEstimatorEstimate direction of arrival using narrowband MUSIC algorithm for ULA
phased.MUSICEstimator2DEstimate 2D direction of arrival using narrowband MUSIC algorithm
phased.MVDRBeamformerNarrowband minimum-variance distortionless-response beamformer
phased.MVDREstimatorMVDR (Capon) spatial spectrum estimator for ULA
phased.MVDREstimator2D2-D MVDR (Capon) spatial spectrum estimator
phased.OmnidirectionalMicrophoneElementOmnidirectional microphone
phased.PartitionedArrayPhased array partitioned into subarrays
phased.PhaseCodedWaveformPhase-coded pulse waveform
phased.PhaseShiftBeamformerNarrowband phase shift beamformer
phased.PlatformModel platform motion
phased.PulseCompressionLibraryCreate a library of pulse compression specifications
phased.PulseWaveformLibraryCreate a library of pulse waveforms
phased.RadarTargetRadar target
phased.RadiatorNarrowband signal radiator
phased.RangeAngleResponseRange-angle response
phased.RangeDopplerResponseRange-Doppler response
phased.RangeEstimatorRange estimation
phased.RangeResponseRange response
phased.ReceiverPreampReceiver preamp
phased.RectangularWaveformRectangular pulse waveform
phased.ReplicatedSubarrayPhased array formed by replicated subarrays
phased.RootMUSICEstimatorRoot MUSIC direction of arrival (DOA) estimator for ULA and UCA
phased.RootWSFEstimatorRoot WSF direction of arrival (DOA) estimator for ULA
phased.ScatteringMIMOChannelScattering MIMO channel
phased.ScenarioViewerDisplay motion of radars and targets
phased.ShortDipoleAntennaElementShort-dipole antenna element
phased.STAPSMIBeamformerSample matrix inversion (SMI) beamformer
phased.SteeringVectorSensor array steering vector
phased.SteppedFMWaveformStepped FM pulse waveform
phased.StretchProcessorStretch processor for linear FM waveform
phased.SubbandMVDRBeamformerWideband minimum-variance distortionless-response beamformer
phased.SubbandPhaseShiftBeamformerSubband phase shift beamformer
phased.SumDifferenceMonopulseTrackerSum and difference monopulse for ULA
phased.SumDifferenceMonopulseTracker2DSum and difference monopulse for URA
phased.TimeDelayBeamformerTime delay beamformer
phased.TimeDelayLCMVBeamformerTime delay LCMV beamformer
phased.TimeVaryingGainTime varying gain control
phased.TwoRayChannelTwo-ray propagation channel
phased.UCAUniform circular array
phased.ULAUniform linear array
phased.UnderwaterRadiatedNoiseRadiate acoustic noise from underwater or surface sound source
phased.URAUniform rectangular array
phased.WidebandBackscatterRadarTargetBackscatter wideband signal from radar target
phased.WidebandCollectorWideband signal collector
phased.WidebandFreeSpaceWideband freespace propagation
phased.WidebandLOSChannelWideband LOS propagation channel
phased.WidebandRadiatorWideband signal radiator
phased.WidebandTwoRayChannelWideband two-ray propagation channel
phitheta2azelConvert angles from phi/theta form to azimuth/elevation form
phitheta2azelpatConvert radiation pattern from phi/theta form to azimuth/elevation form
phitheta2uvConvert phi/theta angles to u/v coordinates
phitheta2uvpatConvert radiation pattern from phi/theta form to u/v form
physconstPhysical constants
pilotcalibArray calibration using pilot sources
pol2circpolConvert linear component representation of field to circular component representation
polarpatternInteractive plot of radiation patterns in polar format
polellipParameters of ellipse traced out by tip of a polarized field vector
pollossPolarization loss
polratioRatio of vertical to horizontal linear polarization components of a field
polsignatureCopolarization and cross-polarization signatures
pulsintPulse integration
radareqpowPeak power estimate from radar equation
radareqrngMaximum theoretical range estimate
radareqsnrSNR estimate from radar equation
radarvcdVertical coverage diagram
radialspeedRelative radial speed
rainplRF signal attenuation due to rainfall
range2beatConvert range to beat frequency
range2bwConvert range resolution to required bandwidth
range2timeConvert propagation distance to propagation time
range2tlCompute underwater sound transmission loss from range
rangeangleRange and angle calculation
rdcouplingRange Doppler coupling
rocpfaReceiver operating characteristic curves by false-alarm probability
rocsnrReceiver operating characteristic curves by SNR
rootmusicdoaDirection of arrival using Root MUSIC
rotxRotation matrix for rotations around x-axis
rotyRotation matrix for rotations around y-axis
rotzRotation matrix for rotations around z-axis
scatteringchanmtxScattering channel matrix
sensorcovSensor spatial covariance matrix
sensorsigSimulate received signal at sensor array
shnidmanRequired SNR using Shnidman’s equation
sonareqslCompute source level using the sonar equation
sonareqsnrCompute SNR using the sonar equation
sonareqtlCompute transmission loss using the sonar equation
spectrogramSpectrogram using short-time Fourier transform
speed2dopConvert speed to Doppler shift
sph2cartvecConvert vector from spherical basis components to Cartesian components
spsmoothSpatial smoothing
steervecSteering vector
stokesStokes parameters of polarized field
stretchfreq2rngConvert frequency offset to range
surfacegammaGamma value for different terrains
surfclutterrcsSurface clutter radar cross section (RCS)
systempReceiver system-noise temperature
taylortapercTaylor nbar taper for arrays
time2rangeConvert propagation time to propagation distance
tl2rangeCompute range from underwater transmission loss
unigridUniform grid
uv2azelConvert u/v coordinates to azimuth/elevation angles
uv2azelpatConvert radiation pattern from u/v form to azimuth/elevation form
uv2phithetaConvert u/v coordinates to phi/theta angles
uv2phithetapatConvert radiation pattern from u/v form to phi/theta form
val2indUniform grid index
waterfillWaterfill MIMO power distribution