PDE Solvers

Solve stationary, time-dependent, and eigenvalue PDE problems, or assemble finite element matrices

The toolbox provides two solvers:

  • solvepde is a general PDE solver for all supported PDE problems, with the exception of eigenvalue problems. This solver returns a StationaryResults or TimeDependentResults object whose properties contain the solution and its gradient at the mesh nodes.

  • solvepdeeig is a solver for PDE eigenvalue problems. This solver returns an EigenResults object whose properties contain the solution eigenvectors calculated at the mesh nodes.

To assemble finite element matrices that represent the PDE problem, use assembleFEMatrices.


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assembleFEMatricesAssemble finite element matrices
solvepdeSolve PDE specified in a PDEModel
solvepdeeigSolve PDE eigenvalue problem specified in a PDEModel
adaptmeshAdaptive 2-D mesh generation and PDE solution


PDESolverOptions PropertiesAlgorithm options for PDE solvers


PDE Modeler App Workflow

Adjust Solve Parameters in the PDE Modeler App

Solve a 2-D PDE problem interactively.

Algorithms and Other Theory

Finite Element Method Basics

Description of the use of the finite element method to approximate a PDE solution using a piecewise linear function.