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Initial Conditions

Specify initial conditions

Set initial conditions using the setInitialConditions function. A PDE model stores initial conditions as a vector of GeometricInitialConditions objects in its InitialConditions property. After you set initial conditions, you can adjust or delete them anytime before solving the PDE. For details, see Set Initial Conditions and View, Edit, and Delete Initial Conditions.


findInitialConditionsLocate active initial conditions
setInitialConditionsGive initial conditions or initial solution


GeometricInitialConditions PropertiesInitial conditions over a region or region boundary
NodalInitialConditions PropertiesInitial conditions at mesh nodes


Programmatic Workflow

Set Initial Conditions

Set initial conditions for time-dependent problems or initial guess for nonlinear stationary problems.

View, Edit, and Delete Initial Conditions

Access and modify boundary condition assignments stored in the InitialConditions property of PDEModel by using the findInitialConditions function.