Boundary Conditions

Specify boundary conditions

Create boundary conditions for a PDEModel using the applyBoundaryCondition function. You can specify conditions separately for each edge or set of edges. A PDE model stores boundary conditions as its BoundaryCondition property. BoundaryCondition supports simple specification of piecewise constant Dirichlet or Neumann boundary conditions, and also lets you use general functional forms of boundary conditions. For details, see Specify Boundary Conditions.


applyBoundaryConditionAdd boundary condition to PDEModel container
findBoundaryConditionsFind boundary condition assignment for a geometric region


BoundaryCondition PropertiesBoundary condition for PDE model


Programmatic Workflow

Specify Boundary Conditions

Set Dirichlet and Neumann conditions for scalar PDEs and systems of PDEs. Use functions when you cannot express your boundary conditions by constant input arguments.

Solve PDEs with Constant Boundary Conditions

Specify constant boundary condition for a scalar problem and a system of PDEs, then solve the PDEs.

Solve PDEs with Nonconstant Boundary Conditions

Specify nonconstant boundary condition for a scalar problem and a system of PDEs, then solve the PDEs.

No Boundary Conditions Between Subdomains

The toolbox does not let you set boundary conditions on boundaries in the interior of the geometric region.

View, Edit, and Delete Boundary Conditions

Access and modify boundary condition assignments stored in the BoundaryConditions property of PDEModel by using the findBoundaryConditions function.

Identify Boundary Labels

Ensure that you are using the correct boundary IDs.

PDE Modeler App Workflow

Specify Boundary Conditions in the PDE Modeler App

Interactively set Dirichlet and Neumann boundary conditions for 2-D PDEs.