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Redistribute codistributed array with another distribution scheme


D2 = redistribute(D1,codist)


D2 = redistribute(D1,codist) redistributes a codistributed array D1 and returns D2 using the distribution scheme defined by the codistributor object codist.


Redistribute an array according to the distribution scheme of another array.

  % First, create a magic square distributed by columns:
    M = codistributed(magic(10),codistributor1d(2,[1 2 3 4]));

  % Create a pascal matrix distributed by rows (first dimension):
    P = codistributed(pascal(10),codistributor1d(1));

  % Redistribute the pascal matrix according to the 
  % distribution (partition) scheme of the magic square:
    R = redistribute(P,getCodistributor(M));

Introduced in R2006b