Troubleshooting Desktop Connections

If you submit a MATLAB® command from your device and receive no response, or if you receive an error message regarding the connector, see the following sections:

For additional assistance, contact MathWorks® Technical Support.

Check Your Computer

  • Is MATLAB (R2014a or later) currently running on your computer?

  • In your MATLAB desktop session, did you start the connector software using the command connector on?

  • Can the connector use the specified port? The default port is 31415. To check that the port is available, open a web browser and navigate to http://localhost:31415. If you specified a different port number while installing the components, or if the connector is using a port other than the default port, replace 31415 with the port number.

    If the connector can use the port, a message appears in the browser window, such as:

    Welcome to the connector service.

    Otherwise, consider changing the port number. Valid values are from 1,024 through 65,535. For help selecting the port, contact your system administrator. For instructions on changing the port, see Start the Connector (MATLAB Mobile for iOS).

  • Is a firewall or antivirus software blocking access to the port? To test, open a web browser and navigate to http://computerID:31415. The computerID is the DNS name or IP address that you defined for the connection. If the test is successful, the connector displays a message in the browser stating that the connector is set up correctly. Otherwise, modify your firewall or antivirus settings to allow use of the port. For help with these settings, contact your system administrator.

Check Your Device

  • Are your device and computer on the same network? The MATLAB Mobile™ application requires access to the same network as the computer running the desktop version of MATLAB software. If your device is on a 3G network, use VPN to connect to your network.

  • Is a network firewall blocking access to your computer? To test, open the Safari browser on your device and navigate to http://computerID:31415, as described in Check Your Computer (MATLAB Mobile for iOS). If you cannot connect, work with your system administrator to update the firewall settings.

  • In the MATLAB Mobile application, did you correctly specify the DNS name (or IP address), password, and port number for the current connection? For more information, see Find a Computer’s DNS Name or IP Address (MATLAB Mobile for iOS) and Edit Connections on Your Device (MATLAB Mobile for iOS).

  • If you use MATLAB software on more than one computer, is your device attempting to connect to the correct computer? To switch to a different computer, tap More > Settings: (iPhone and iPod devices) or (iPad devices). Then, select the connection you want. For information on defining additional connections, see Edit Connections on Your Device (MATLAB Mobile for iOS).