Start the Connector

MATLAB® Mobile™ connector enables remote access to a MATLAB session on your computer

The MATLAB Mobile connector enables remote access to a MATLAB session on your computer from a mobile device. The software is installed automatically with MATLAB.

To start the connector, use this command:

connector on

The first time that you run this command, the connector requests a password. Passwords can contain letters and numbers and must contain at least five characters. The maximum length is 32 characters. When you set up the MATLAB Mobile application on your device, specify the same password.


If your firewall or antivirus software requests your permission, you must allow the connection for MATLAB Mobile to work. For more information, see Troubleshooting Desktop Connections (MATLAB Mobile for Android). Also note that MATLAB Mobile and connector are intended for use behind a firewall on a private network. If you plan to use MATLAB Mobile and the connector over the public Internet, via 3G, or via 4G, it is recommended you use a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

When you finish using the MATLAB Mobile application, close access to your MATLAB session with the command

connector off

To change your password, turn the connector off, and use the command

connector on mypassword

where mypassword is the new password you want to use. MATLAB stores your password with your preferences.


To enable the connector automatically whenever MATLAB runs on your computer, modify or create a startup.m file to turn the connector on. The startup.m file must reside in your MATLAB startup folder.

Update Connection Port

By default, the connector uses port 31415, which is usually available on most systems. If the default port is unavailable when you start the connector, the connector increments the port number by one until it finds an available port. If this happens, you must update the connection port to connect with MATLAB Mobile.

  1. When you turn the connector on in MATLAB, note the port number displayed.

    >> connector on
    DNS name:
    IP address:
    Use this link to test the MATLAB Connector:

    In this example, the port number is 31417.

  2. On your mobile device, create or edit the connection using the port number that was returned by the call to connector.

    See Configure MATLAB Mobile to Connect to Your Computer (MATLAB Mobile for iOS).